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A Breathtaking View

A Breathtaking View

I am on a bus driving through a mountain and suddenly gasp with excitement and adrenaline. The most beautiful view I have ever seen was right before my eyes. Typically, people sleep on a bus when traveling, but I was so overcome by the views that I could not sleep or relax. The sky was blue without a cloud in the sky, the mountains were so green and the water was crystal clear. The huge mountains presented not only a great scene, but a cliff right on the water. I immediately started taking pictures through the bus window and my entire body was shaking from the excitement and nerves. Although there are many water and mountain views throughout Ireland, this breathtaking view I saw in Achill was by far the best view and the only view I had an “oh my god” moment. Ireland is surrounded by water, which makes it an ideal travel location due to all of its beauty. The water surrounding Ireland is also extremely clear and has an aquamarine color. In the U.S., the oceans are murky and not as clear. When I looked at this view for the first time in Achill, I was so shocked to see how clear and blue the water was.

The beautiful water surrounding Ireland also allows people to travel by boat to get to other islands, such as the Aran Islands, or to go on tours to see the Cliffs of Moher. On one of the last few days in Ireland, we were taking the ferry from Inis Oirr back to the mainland and we stopped by the Cliffs of Moher. The man driving the ferry said the cliffs are the most popular tourist spot in Ireland and have been known for their beauty for many years. He said it is always a pleasure seeing the cliffs when driving the ferry back and forth because he never gets sick of the view when coasting along the swells on the ocean. Taking the ferry also allowed me to experience the oceans in Ireland first hand and I also got the opportunity to see dolphins for the first time ever! They were racing against the ferry as we were speeding along and they were jumping out of the water as if they were putting on a show for us. The moment I saw the dolphins, I was at a loss of words because the views of the cliffs and the water in general were incredible. The waters of Ireland not only gave me one of the best experiences in Ireland, but also allowed me sit down, relax and enjoy the ride.

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