Ten seconds later . . .

A sink faucet in Ennis similar to the shower in Cloughjordan.

At the Park Inn Hotel in Shannon, there was a sign in the bathroom that said, “Saving water. Turn off the sink”.  The reduction of water use was most prominent in the Cloughjordan Eco-Village. The Eco-Village focused on living sustainably for the people that lived there as well as for their visitors.  When I went to wash my hands in the bathroom, I had to push the faucet multiple times because the water would run very briefly. I didn’t think anything of this because I have encountered many faucets like that.  

Later in the night, my roommate went to shower.  Ten seconds after I heard her turn the shower on it turned off.  Then, it went on again. And ten seconds later turned off. She yelled out to me, “What is going on? The water keeps shutting off!”  I laughed and told her that I didn’t know. She continued to finish her shower that turned off every ten seconds by constantly turning it on.  When she got out we realized that the shower did this to conserve water. This not only saves water but makes the visitors of the Eco Village more aware of their water use.  Throughout the rest of my trip, I’ve noticed that other parts of Ireland are also conserving their water use. Many public bathrooms have signs that express concerns about water use and are clear examples of a hope for change.  

Dez also informed us that there is a plastic water bottle ban that will be going into action as soon as possible.  This ban will be for all of Ireland and it will include other plastic products as well such as plastic utensils and other containers.  He told us that Ireland will take this ban on and the rest of Europe will follow their lead.

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  1. Dez who? You did not let the reader know… each of these needs to stand alone. They are not part of a continuous narrative… and it’s Des (for Desmond).

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