Oh for Sheep Sake!

The Killray sheep farm is located in the parish of Bunowen, an hour away from Spiddal. We were dropped off by Dez at a road that would eventually lead the to the farm. It was about 25 minutes to walk to the establishment accompanied by a rising scorcher. The sun was relentlessly beating down on my black shirt. We finally arrived at the farm and the first thing that immediately caught my eye was the numerous baby sheet congregated in a pen to the side. I walked over, and dozens of tiny legs came zipping towards me. Little baby sheep, all in a herd took over the gate. I was excited thinking they may have wanted to give me attention, but then Tom told me they thought it was feeding time. A blue bottle was handed to me and my heart melted as I watched baby sheep surround me and push each other as they each desperately tried to steal a sip of milk. I asked why the lambs were in there own enclosed area and Tom reassured me it was for their own safety. Much like any other young living creature, they are prone to putting anything and everything in their mouths. The babies are too tiny to be able to eat grass, reason being why they are separated. I also saw an uncountable number of sheep across acres and acres of land stretching beyond Tom’s property. Sheep inside fields and sheep freely grazing elsewhere. It is on the top of green mountains that overlook the bay. I was curious how all of Tom’s wandering sheep kept hydrated and he explained to me that he and many other farmers use “catchments.” Catchments are structures made with rocks that are slanted downwards that have the ability to collect rainwater. This overcomes the daily task of filling buckets up with water and helps with the overall conservation of it. This is done in order to help save water while still hydrating the animals. Along with this natural process of H2O, sheeps main food source comes from the tall grass that grows and never seems to end giving the animals a large food resource.

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