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    Since the start of my journey here in Ireland, I have noticed a significant difference between America’s energy conservation and Ireland’s. The first thing I noticed is how everywhere in Ireland I have been to so far, they are big on conserving energy. Everyone here is so conscious to monitor energy used, for example not putting on more lights than necessary and always turning off lights when you are done to be aware of how much energy they are using. Back in America, I find that the average person does not care about how much energy they are wasting and people do not care how much energy they are going through. Ireland has more eco-friendly ways for their sources of energy.

In the states we use oil, for example, to heat our homes. Oil is expensive and very bad for the environment. Here in Ireland people are able to heat their homes right from their own backyard. Farmers for example can find an Earth substance called peat in which they dig right from the ground. Once the peat is dug up from the ground it is laid out to dry up in the sun. After the peat dries up, it is then used to burn and heat homes. Another source of energy is burning wood like they do at the ecovillage in Cloughjordan. Instead of using oil like we do in America, burning wood for heat is kinder on the environment.

Another big difference I noticed is wind turbines that you can easily find in the countryside of Ireland. Wind turbines is a source of energy that America is trying to get on board with but is not yet as heavily populated as Ireland. Wind turbines are a great source of energy and Ireland acknowledges that and has put many into place. Overall, it is clear that Ireland puts their best foot forward when trying to conserve energy and create energy in the best ways.

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