Special Delivery

A small island located off the west coast of Ireland is one way to witness isolation during the week and a fun party scene during the weekend. Inisheer literally multiplies in population on some weekends and tends to get a little crazy. But the thing that interests me most is how they get necessary resources to survive when there is not much to live off of the land itself. First off the island is made of limestone and has extremely rocky terrain, which is not suited for agriculture. How can an island be fed when they are 6 miles away from the mainland? The answer is that food and resources are delivered by boats three times a week, which is conducive to the lifestyle that people enjoy here, and not having to be hunter gatherers. Although the store is limited, I was quite surprised that there was plenty of fresh fruit, meat, and vegetables in the single store. There were multiple restaurants on the island that were very similar to the quality and options that you’d see on the mainland. The planning that goes into ordering and processing the food is incredible and really makes this island something special. “It is bizarre that our food supply is delivered in this way, because of how many things could go wrong and the island relies on the shipments.” Eoghan explained, who worked at local fudge shop where he makes the treat himself. Sometimes it is hard to imagine anything different than your own way of life.


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