A Healthy Habitat

    Habitats are all around us. They make up living environments and can determine our overall living conditions and life. When focusing specifically on animals, animal habitats cover the world yet not all are the same. One specific area I have really taken a focus to while in Ireland is animals, their environments, and their living conditions. I came to Ireland only really knowing what “farms” are in America. I did not actually think that healthy, thriving farms and habitats existed for animals anymore these days. In America, farms are factories. Animals are kept in small metal cages and kept in horrid, unhealthy living conditions. Some animals, like chickens for example, may never see the sunlight a single day in their lives. This is how America sets up habitats for farm animals and it is inhumane and cruel. I always had this negative image about farms in my head, until Ireland.

Farms are everywhere here in Ireland. I see habitats for mainly cows and sheep and every time we have passed a farm, the land goes on for hundreds of acres with the animals roaming freely across the land. When I visited Killary Sheep Farm, I was extremely impressed with the life and habitat these farmers created for the sheep. The sheep at this farm roam 500 acres freely. The farmers walk the land every morning to make sure the sheep are healthy and okay. They are fed fields of green plentiful grass and even corn mixtures sometimes when they need it. These animals have healthy and thriving habitats; it is the way life should be for these animals.

I believe America should take a hard look at the habitats Ireland provides for their animals versus the habitats we provide for our animals in the states. I think humanity sometimes forgets that this Earth was created to support all living things and land is meant for animals too. They don’t belong in unhealthy, unnatural habitats.


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