Food culture of Ireland

If you know me you know that food is a very important part of my life. I took a multitude of classes in high school teaching me various cooking and baking skills. I have tried my hardest to hold on to those skills but since the they have slowly diminished. Whenever I travel I really look forward to experiencing different tastes and textures. I might actually look forward to this more than anything else. Something that I learned last time was what a traditional Irish breakfast was. It includes eggs, beans, pudding, tomatoes, and bacon. This is something that will always remain constant and will most likely never be drastically changed or altered in any way. When thinking about traditional Irish food, if I haven’t had any previous experience then I would have no idea what I was talking about. Still, after visiting here twice for ten plus days each time I am still picking up on new things. For example I still thought that a traditional Irish meal was corned beef and cabbage. However, I learned that the traditional meal is actually ham and cabbage instead, with a side of mashed potatoes. This meal is eaten on Sunday nights with your family.

On top of the traditional Irish food, another important aspect of this culture to note would be how you get groceries. In both my trips here I have not seen anything other than stores to buy food called Spars and Centras. These are the only large chain stores that I have seen. I have not seen mass grocery distributors such a Stop and Shops or Whole Foods. I am not sure why they don’t have large discount wholesale stores such as BJ’s and Costco but they seem to be doing fine without them. This model for selling food might work better for a smaller country.

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  1. Not sure what the first picture is about… but you don’t mention mussels anywhere in your story… again, the images don’t fit the story.

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