Dear Zach…

The following is a work of fiction based on recent events and experiences in Ireland.

Dear Zach,

How are you my dear brother! It has been what feels like years since I have seen you. I miss you and the rest of the family very much. I am writing to you today because I met someone who reminded me of you. Allow me to tell you the story of what happened today. Let me try to paint this picture as best I can so you can understand it as well as I saw it. So I have just woken up on Sunday morning. I was out with my lads the night before having a grand time so keep in mind I was a tad groggy throughout my day. I made myself a traditional Irish breakfast at home including some pudding, eggs, beans and, of course, brown bread an butter. A lot of butter. I continue my usual Sunday morning and get ready for work. Before I leave for work I shower to rinse off the previous evenings stench of Guinness and whiskey. On my way out of the building I greet my neighbors who are walking into the building finishing up their daily run. I keep promising them that I will join them but I never do because I am a lazy college student. Anyway, I begin my 20 minute walk to Temple Bar where I walk past many coffee shops, pubs, and tourist attractions which are now in the full swing of the day. I walk across the River Liffey and notice a very large tour group walking in front of me. I brush past them with urgency as I am running a tad late for work. I play a little game with myself and count how many tourists I see on my way to work. That day I counted 25. I arrive at work and begin my shift tending to the locals who have been sipping Guinness since the night before. I was speaking to a man about the football match from the night before when a large group of tourists walk in look thirsty as hell. As I am filling up pints for these lads from America I strike up a conversation with a few of them. Occasionally you’ll run into some very rude Americans but these lads were not bad at all. They asked me some questions as if they were truly interested in my day to day life. I explained to them my current situation as they sipped their frothy Guinness. One of these lads really stuck out and reminded me of you. I asked him what he was doing here in Ireland and he said he was on a trip for lacrosse. It made me think of you because of everything you’ve taught me about the sport that you play and love. I like to think of lacrosse as the twin of hurling. Kind of like how you and I are twins. Anyways I hope that this letter reaches you well. Send love to the folks for me I will hopefully be able to visit soon.

Yours truly,