Dear Kayleigh…

The following is a work of fiction based on recent events and experiences in Ireland.

Dear Kayleigh,

My beloved twin- Dia dhuit! I know we have a complicated relationship and you are probably very shocked to be receiving this letter, but I have been wanting to reach out to you for months now. First off, I need to apologize. When mum and dad split, I chose dad’s side. I know now that choosing sides was immature and it only drove a wedge between us. I deeply regret that decision. I am so sorry. The truth is mum and dad share blame. One thing is for certain though, we cannot blame ourselves for our parents’ mistakes. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me even though this letter is long overdue. My heart is open and I want us to be able to move forward in a positive and healthy way. I want our relationship to be even stronger. I miss being your sister and best friend. I am starting off with this letter in the hopes that we can establish a new and improved relationship. I want to share with you what I experienced yesterday:

I woke up to a breathtaking view outside my window.
I saw lush greens, my precious baby lambs, and an azure sky. In Achill Island, the clouds were painted across the sky effortlessly. I turned on the TV and I was immediately informed of the news that there was a nationwide ban of single-use plastic items. I want to share this with you and get your perspective because I am passionate about this subject. Personally, I was pleased with this report because, as an environmentalist, I am well aware of the negative impact plastic waste has on the planet. I was reading an article, “Almost all bottled water contains microplastics, study shows, on the Irish Times while I ate my full Irish breakfast. One quote that stuck with me was by Dr. Andrew Mayes. Mayes led the research team at the UEA’s School of Chemistry and he said, “We are becoming increasingly aware of microplastics in the environment and their potentially harmful effects, but their prevalence in other areas has been much less studied. They have been reported in tap water, beer and many other foods, but I think that people will be surprised that almost all bottled water appears to be contaminated too. This study analysed more than 250 bottles from 27 lots and 11 different brands from around the world, so it is the largest and most comprehensive study of water I know of to date, and almost all were contaminated to some degree.”

Microplastics can do extensive and irreversible damage to the planet and I do not want Ireland’s luxurious landscapes to be ruined but I also can acknowledge that, like every other story, there are two sides to consider. Kayleigh, what do you think? 

Again, I know this letter came out of the blue but I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Sending all my love.

-Love, Eilís