Dear Jacqueline…

The following is a work of fiction based on recent events and experiences in Ireland.

Dear Jacqueline,

Today, I woke up at the crack of dawn to the beautiful sounds of birds chirping right outside my window. It’s a crisp day with magnificent sunny weather. It’s the first gorgeous day in a while as most days here are dull. I made my way to the kitchen where I prepare breakfast. I got myself a cup of tea while I placed my homemade brown bread in the toaster. We still own our sheep farm in Achill Island. After breakfast, I went outside to herd a group of sheep since they were due to be sheared. The summer months are here, shearing the sheep prevents them from being uncomfortable during the warmer months. Our family now owns around 1,000 sheep and 200 acres of land. I still use clippers to cut their wool by hand. I hold them by the horns and clip away.

After I sheared around 20-30 sheep, I move onto helping our father with the peat. Since we have so much land, we subsequently get our own peat to burn as fuel. This is mostly for the colder winter days. Father digs them out of the ground, in the shape of blocks. I gather them and place 4 to 6 blocks in a teepee shape. Now it is finally mid-day and this means it is lunch time. I go inside my house and sit at the lavish table made of beautiful pine wood. I eat the vegetable soup leftover from yesterday. On the side, I have a roll with a little butter. I drink a nice chill glass of water.

I have completed my farming responsibilities for today so it is time to go into town and retrieve food supplies for dinner. As I bike to the store, I look at the hills behind the water which is sparkling thanks to the sun beaming down. I purchase potatoes along with fresh cabbage, and bacon. I go up to the register to pay, where I realized I had to pay extra since I left my reusable bags at home. I biked home. Once home I go into the kitchen and prepare the dinner. Unfortunately, due to our mother passing away of the illness I have had to teach myself how to take on what used to be her responsibilities.

Once the meal is cooked, I get our two brothers, Thomas and Charles, and father in the dining room. I made a traditional Sunday dinner. Bacon on top of cooked cabbage with the creamy white sauce. As for the side I made mashed potatoes, since those are father’s favorite. After everyone is full, we all pitch in to clean up. It’s been a long day’s work, and I am tired. I finally take a shower to clean off. After the shower, I head to my room where I grab a novel, Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt to read. Around 21:30 I am now ready for bed. My eyes softly close as I am ready to start a new day.

Forever your Beloved Twin