Dear Erin…

The following is a work of fiction based on recent events and experiences in Ireland.

My dearest twin,

I miss you and wish you were here for the summer, instead of the states. I hope you are enjoying University of California and that the sunshine is treating you well. Ireland’s weather has been impeccable the last couple of weeks, we have had lots of sun. The sunshine made this past bank holiday weekend amazing! I took the ferry to Inis Oirr with Meabh, Anna, Maggie, and Josie. When we got to the island it was packed, you wouldn’t believe the crowds. We met some island lads who were workers at the B&B we were staying at. They invited us to go to the beach with them so we decided why not.

We headed to the beach but they told us, “come this way, we aren’t going to the main beach.” So we followed figuring they knew another beach less crowded. We walked up through the village along a stone wall that looked as if it continued forever. We came along a narrow dirt path that lead higher up in the village. As our altitude rose we could see all of the village. It was such a beautiful sight. It looked as it was a setting from a scene in a movie. They came to a stop at the end of the road and began to put their stuff down. I began to look around for a beach thinking I did not see a single beach or trace of one this whole walk.

Before I knew it one lad ran right past me and jumped off of the cliff with his arms soaring beside him. I couldn’t believe it! Then one by one, they all were jumping. I looked at the girls thinking these lads are crazy. They began to yell, “jump in the water it’s beautiful!” They were all in the water swimming and horsing around with each other. The water was crystal clear and looked beautiful.

I wanted to jump in but looking down over the edge I got butterflies. It was about a 20 feet from the water. My mind was telling me to just jump in, it will be fun and it is safe; but my body would not move off of the edge. Then without any explanation, I got a rush of adrenaline. I closed my eyes and jumped. I was in the air with my arms spread wide, feeling so free. I plummeted into the water about three feet under. The feeling of submerging into this cold but so clear water was amazing. I used my arms to bring myself to the surface and was greeted with the feeling of the warm sun on my face. Jumping off of the cliff was such a feeling of freedom. It was amazing! When you get home we have to come out here, so you can jump too. I felt so fearless and free from jumping.

I cannot wait to see you soon and to hear back from you.

Much love,