Dear Maddie…

The following is a work of fiction based on recent events and experiences in Ireland.

Dear Madison,

I had the craziest thing happen to me this week and I could not wait to sit down to write you this letter and tell you all about it. It all started earlier this week on Wednesday, I was having a normal day on my farm taking care of the horses and cows doing my daily chores. I stopped for a break at lunchtime like I normally do and then after my meal, I went out to the yard to have Lily herd the cows in for milking. As I call for Lily and walk to the fields, I notice all of my cows are missing. I was in a full-blown panic as I ran around the fields trying to figure out what had happened until I saw it- the front gate to the road broke and had opened letting out all of my cows. I run inside and immediately dial up all of my nearby neighbors to warn them my herd of cows has gotten loose. One of my neighbors to pick up the phone, Debby, told me that they were right near her house stopping traffic as people could not go around the large herd of cows in the road.

I dial up the local police to have them come and help the problem at hand and my neighbor Debby thankfully came out and helped me. She took her sheep dog Benny and I took mine, Lily, and it took us almost an hour for both dogs to herd the cows back to my field. The total time for the cows to reach home again should have been a seven-minute walk but since things took awhile to get sorted, the walk leading back seemed to be an endless line of slow cows. It took traffic that hour entirely to get going again because there were so many cows in the road. I was mortified and all I could think was wow I am going to be the talk of the town this week! As the last cow walks through the gate I hear my phone ringing. I run inside to grab the call and it is Debby telling me that five cows broke from the herd and were even farther down the road now. I had to start the entire process all over again just to get my five cows home that strayed away!

I was so embarrassed and so overwhelmed trying to get all of my cow’s home again. The first thing I did when every cow was back and counted for was I immediately got my tools and fixed the fence so this issue would never happen again. I wish you were there to see this all happen, you would have died! I miss you, you need to come back to the country and visit the farm and myself soon.

Below are some photos of my views. I hope all is well, tell the family I say hello.

Love your sister,