Dear Chris

The following is a work of fiction based on recent events and experiences in Ireland.

Dear Chris,

I know it has been awhile since our family has written you but I am in need of your help. I figured I would describe the horrible event from my point of view. I know you might not think this is as urgent, but I assure you this is an important matter. So this morning I woke up to the usual tickle of a midge on the back of my neck as you know, it’s either the pests or the sound of birds chirping at the crack of dawn. I would like to first indulge in an Irish breakfast, most the food home grown. I am a self sufficient farmer that has been utilizing the land passed down generations in the Bova family and we rely on the livestock and the land for food. So before eating I have to collect all of the food I want to eat. So I have to head over to the shed and get some peat that I have prepared from the previous summer to stoke the fire and cook with. Peat is a lifesaver to our family and has been an important energy fuel for us to live off. The material is free and if you ever need some, I will be willing to ship you some. It is comical to me that if I had the option to receive money, or live near a bog I would choose the bog any day.

Next I have to gather the food, which involves milking the cows, getting the eggs from the coop, harvesting the potatoes and onions. 


Unfortunately, I ran into something horrible. The chicken coop fence had been broken and I believe a fox has killed at least a dozen chickens. These chickens have been laying eggs and supplying us with a solid food supply for years and plus our income when we sold eggs to the local market. Now that they have been killed, we are not going to have a steady income, and we could easily run out of food. This is an emergency since we have no funds to pay for more. I am writing you in desperation, since I know you have a steady job in the States and it would be a great help if you could lend me some money so I can afford to get back on my feet. Although we are very fortunate to have inherited all of this land, we are still not well off and are just trying to get by from day to day with what we were given. The way I was raised is to leave a small impact on the environment and to only take what you need. This is a modest style of life, but now I am in panic mode and require your help otherwise I won’t be able to tend the animals or feed my family. In the near future I would love for you to visit again because last time you came to Ireland we had a great time.


Your Twin