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Everyone is a product of their youth and their upbringing. I’m very fortunate to have a loving family, as well as friends who would go into battle with me. Coming out of childhood and approaching the end of my teenage years I had to make a decision on what I wanted to do with my life. The four people that helped me make up my mind were my parents as well as my two siblings. Alongside my family, I used the themes of my past years to help influence me with that decision. The main theme that could be considered the ones with the most impact would be my adventurous side. My personal motto that I picked up from my summer camp when I was very young was “seek the joy of being alive,” and I try to live up to that motto everyday. I use that motto to help motivate myself to try new adventures and opportunities. For example, this trip to Ireland.

The story of my life or anyone’s life can’t be told on a single plain. Life is three dimensional with ups and downs, as well as side to sides. One main event that changed how I perceived life was during freshman year when we were finishing up our community service day as a brand new class. I remember the humid September day like it was yesterday. We had only moved in a few days before. It was the night before my first ever college classes when my parents called me to give me terrible news. My grandmother had passed away. It was extremely painful but I had to try and use the joyous moments that my family had shared to be strong and continue my academic career. I used the great memories to influence my return to school to help excel my way forward through the last three years. Here I am today prepared to embark on a new adventure.

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    Because you had your draft in your Google Doc, I was able to recover the last lines and fix this for you 🙂

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