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While I was going through the process of applying to colleges I always stopped myself when the application asked what I planned on majoring in.  For the first few applications, I put down, “Undecided”. I had never thought about what I wanted to major in until I applied to my top two schools.  When I was deciding between Roger Williams and a smaller school near my town, I had my mom come over to the computer. I asked her, “Shouldn’t I start to think about what I want to major in?”.  She replied, “It wouldn’t hurt. Why don’t you start to look at the majors that stand out to you and look up the jobs that are related to them?” So I did just that. I always knew that I wanted to work for the Professional Golf Association.  But, I didn’t know what I wanted to do specifically. So, when I came across communications and media I was immediately interested. I remembered having a previous conversation with my family friend about her college major and how it led her to her job.  She works for ESPN and she double majored in communications and marketing. She told me that she never knew what she wanted to do, but she knew that communications is a broad major. She told me, “You can do a lot with having communications as your major.  There are many aspects to it and it makes you a people person.” So, I went with my gut feeling and clicked on communications and media. I went into freshman year with an open mind and ended up falling in love with my introduction to communications and digital communications classes. 

Places: Waccabuc, New York.  Lavallette, New Jersey.  Bristol, Rhode Island.

Schools: South Salem Nursery School, Lewisboro Elementary School, John Jay Middle School, John Jay High School, Roger Williams University.

Jobs: Babysitter, Golf Shop Attendant, Golf Shop Retail Assistant, Bakery Counter Attendant, Beach Badge Sales Associate.

Favorites: Chicken Parmesan, The Giants, Golf, Surfing, Miracle on 49th Street, 10 Things I Hate About You.

These nouns give a lot of information about where I have been, what I have accomplished and give a sense of some of my favorite things.  What gets left out of these nouns are the details of the places and things and how they specifically relate to my life. The places don’t tell my experiences and the people that I’ve met along the way.  The jobs don’t describe what I accomplished and learned while working. You can get a good sense of who I am from these nouns, but they’re vague. Having a conversation with someone new definitely revolves around nouns.  Using nouns while talking encourage talking because there is so much to talk and ask about when someone talks about nouns. For example, if someone brings up a place that I have never been to I usually ask about what that place means to them.  This will lead to a lot of describing words so that I can imagine this place. I’ll gain a lot of insight into that new place and learn a lot. Meanwhile, if I know the place I will start to ask about their experience at that place and tell them about my own experience.  Either way, bringing up a place or job or favorite thing in an interaction with a new person will spark a conversation.

Family is the underlying theme because my Family has a huge impact on my everyday life and have led me to where I am today.  My dad is one out of five children, my mom is one out of seven children, and I am the fourth out of five children. My parents met at a country club down the road from where my mother grew up.  Soon after they got married, my dad became the General Manager of Waccabuc Country Club. So, my parents moved to a small town called Waccabuc in New York. We live on the grounds of the Country Club right next to the first fairway of the golf course.  My father is the most hardworking and selfless man I have ever met. My siblings and I are so lucky to have such a hardworking father because he provided so much for us. We have been able to work at the Country Club and learn a lot about the industry. I was born with a congenital heart defect, so I wasn’t able to play competitive sports while growing up.  That is why my father introduced me to the game of golf at a young age. Golf has taught me so many lessons, challenged me, and given me the competitiveness that I’ve always wanted. And my family has been through it all with me. My siblings have all practiced and played with me, my mom has drawn good luck charms on my golf balls, and my father has brought me to countless tournaments.  They all love and support me no matter what. The love of the game of golf has led me to become interested in working for the Professional Golf Association one day. My family members have all helped me become who I am and I’m forever grateful for them.

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