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I have always been a very indecisive person, maybe because I love to try new things and explore and therefore have so many different interests and things that I want to do. Growing up I always loved everything about the outdoors, nature, and animals. I was very active and always wanting to try things like hiking, rock climbing, and anything that seems fun really. I remember in second grade I had a rock climbing birthday party. I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one who had any fun because no one that I invited liked rock climbing at all, but that didn’t occur to me until we were there. I am very close to my friends and family from home, they are everything to me. It is my family who inspired my love of being outside and active as we always did new and exciting things growing up and my parents would take me and my sister to try whatever we wanted. I have been fishing and skiing for as long as I can remember, two things my dad loved growing up and taught me and my sister from a very young age. I immediately loved these things too, and have always been eager to try new exciting things, like kayaking, zip lines, alpine slides, you name it. My parents would talk about things that they did or places that they went when they were younger and it would make me want to try them, like going white water rafting or to Acadia National Park.

From a young age I also had a love of the environment and animals, watching every animal planet or discovery channel show about animals that I could. Unfortunately I am allergic to most types of animals and many things in nature and this sometimes limits me in what I can do but luckily I have many other interests as well. I have also danced for as long as I can remember and it has been one of the biggest parts of my life. I am not the type to let things that I love go so I have continued to dance as much as I can at Roger Williams even though it is not part of my degree or career path. I am greatly influenced by my family as I hold them with such high regard and am very close to them. I love to try everything, explore, and don’t like to sit still. I have so many things that interest me and when I find something I love I stick with it.

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  1. NO PASS – REDO: Erica, Part 2, Step 4 asks that you post your 300 word narrative biography with theme here — not the writing experiment that gets you there. Fix this by midnight tonight and I will regrade.

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