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Throughout my 20 years of writing my life story, adventure and family have been the strongest themes to emerge so far. I am always looking for a new adventure to go on to make a new memory. Life is too short to be sitting inside your home, watching other people go out on these great adventures. Make a memory and create your own adventure. My mom and dad were the ones who created the moto, “make a memory.” I used to roll my eyes when I heard them say it, but now I am the one saying it almost as frequent as they are. Having family be a big part of my life, I never wanted to stray too far from home. When applying to colleges in high school, I was applying to anywhere outside of a 3 hour radius. Except for Roger Williams, just in case I had a change of heart. When it came down to the wire to pick a school I was stuck between Roger Williams University and Coastal Carolina University. Thinking about going on my college adventure states away, I couldn’t bring myself to say yes to going to school in South Carolina. As much as I did not want to admit it at the time, I am a homebody and had to be close to my family.

My mom and dad have always been the ones motivating me to do things in life to benefit me and my education. They are half the reason that I decided to partake in this adventure to Ireland. My family taught me how important an education was, and how to reach my goals as best as I could possible do. My dad’s rule growing up was no outside activities until all my homework was done. He would sit my sister and I down in the living room and wait for us to finish our work before we did anything really fun. As terrible as this was being a kid, watching the sun shine while you’re inside doing homework, it taught me how important it is to get my work done before I distract myself. He knew my sister and I were destined for procrastination and tried to help us prevent it. Being far away from my family would not make my college experience whole, because who would I tell all my adventures to? My life story continues to grow, by going endless adventures to make countless memories, and to make some of these memories with my family along the way.

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  1. NO PASS – REDO: Catherine, Part 2, Step 4 asks that you post your 300 word narrative biography with theme here — not the writing experiment that gets you there. Fix this by midnight tonight and I will regrade.

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