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I am a girl who grew up in the small town of Prospect, CT for the majority of her childhood. My parents filed for divorce during this time which affected my Region 16 schooling because I had to move out of Prospect with my mom and brother. We moved to a city with a terrible public school system so my mom paid the high price tag to enroll me in a private catholic school. She met my step dad, got married, and we eventually moved back to Prospect in time for me to attend Prospect’s middle and high schools. My parents got my brother and I two bulldogs. Goya is mine and Bella was my brother’s until she passed away in 2017. Family and Love are the themes of my story because from my parents, all the way to my childhood pets, my family was by my side through thick and thin due to their unconditional love and strong family morals. My nonna faced challenges when she went through Ellis Island as a confused teenager but then she met my grandfather and they started a family. Through the hardest times in my grandparents, parents, and my own personal life, my supportive and lovely family has always be there to provide support and love.

My story is one that continues, from a little girl in a small town to a college student who is preparing to study abroad in a foreign country. My theme is love for family and friends because I believe love is the strongest force. My motif for me is a repeated image in my life and if a simple image had to sum up everything that is me, I would choose a pineapple. Firstly, my mom has always decorated our houses in pineapple decor because pineapples are seen as symbols that are welcoming, especially in terms of how my mom would always have a pineapple doormat for our guests to see before entering our house. Aside from general hospitality, pineapples make me think of my mom because of how I always remember my childhood home.


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