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Before entering my freshman year of college, I had a change of heart where I decided I was not going to be happy pursuing my current registered major, Marine Biology. I knew the best thing for myself would be to focus on a major that would make me happy, successful, and focus on my strengths. I chose Communication and Media Studies because I knew I loved writing and have a creative mind and it is my creativity and life experiences that help me within my major every day. When I sit down to write, I focus on all of the thoughts and feelings running through my head. Every time before I have had a paper due thus far in my Communication major, I wait until inspiration hits me before I start writing. I will go for a drive, take a walk outside, or talk to people in my life and try and grasp creativity within me. My major, personality, and life experiences all go hand in hand for me. I believe I resemble journey’s that have been taken, lessons learned, happiness, and creativity, which help me to gain inspiration for all assignments, papers, and projects I am assigned in school. I dig deep and am dedicated to not only the tasks required for my major, but with every task in life. I learn more about myself every day and know I strive to be the best person I can be and make the absolute most of my life.

The paths I have gone down in my three years of college thus far have really surprised me. I used to be a shy person who was comfortable blending in the background. College has given me the courage to find myself and become who I really am. I have broken out of my shell and become an entirely different person since starting college taking on many leadership work positions, public speaking, and making myself known in a crowd. I feel proud of the choices I have made knowing that they have made me thrilled with the path I have chosen. A common theme I see within myself is strength. I find the strength to persevere, the strength to keep moving forward, the strength to keep life happy and joyful, and the strength to live the best life while always remembering my journey.

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  1. NO PASS – REDO: Madison, Part 2, Step 4 asks that you post your 300 word narrative biography with theme here — not the writing experiment that gets you there. Fix this by midnight tonight and I will regrade.

    See my notes in the Google doc for clarification.

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