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I come from the state full of surprises, also known as the state of Connecticut. I live on Candlewood lake, a place that was actually man made and not created naturally by nature. It is a place of beauty. Wilderness surrounding the man made lake with communities and towns that are knit together to create a great atmosphere to live around. A place where you are secluded from the chaos of New York City, but only a train rides away from it as well. A place that experiences all four seasons in full effect with blizzards in the winter, blooms in the spring, sunny and 75 in the summer and picture perfect fall evenings. A place I like to call home.

My hometown, Sherman is named after one of our founding fathers, Roger Sherman. A man who was instrumental to founding the country we now call the United States of America. I was born in Raised in Fairfield County bouncing around between two towns where I have a summer and year round home. I refer to the lake as my home because no matter where I was I could always see the lake. It reminded me that everyone in the area had one thing in common and that was that we lived by something people outside the area came to see because of its beauty and endless fun. My winters consisted of snowmobiling on the frozen lake, driving around getting pulled by tubes. We could ice fish and go sledding. When the weather changed we could still have fun in this place, shifting from snow to water activities. I would wake up early to go wakeboarding, spending my whole day on or near the lake. I could have fun playing sports in the surrounding fields or go for a swim. I could hang out with friends and never get bored because their was always something to do.

I found my love for sports while playing lacrosse and football at a young age in New Fairfield. I would travel around for games at all levels from youth to high school. I would encounter products and promotions for different affiliates of the sporting events. I became fascinated with why they would invest their time and money in sports that were not directly related to their products.

Thats when I realized that my passion for sports was something I could carry on beyond my athletic life. I could use my love for sports and apply it into the marketing field. People market at these type of events because they have the ability to reach new clientele and create a new following. This is when I realized that the best way for me to continue to stay around what I loved was to get into the marketing field.

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  1. NO PASS – REDO: Ryan, Part 2, Step 4 asks that you post your 300 word narrative biography with theme here — not the writing experiment that gets you there. Fix this by midnight tonight and I will regrade.

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