The annoyance of salty mist on my face and my stomach in a knot, all seemed to disappear when I saw the beautiful creature. It had been a long time since I came anywhere close to dolphins, until the boat ride to the Cliffs of Moher. My stomach was feeling uneasy due to the waves and the boat rocking. Once I saw the dolphins majestically jumping in and out of the water, I forgot about feeling sea sick. I zoomed in all the way on my lens, and captured the moment of the dolphin, frozen in time, jumping out of the water. While traveling via boat across the waters from island to island, it did not always occur to me what lived in the depths of the water that we were traveling on. There are such beautiful creatures that come to the surface to say hello to those passing by and who like to be seen. Then there are the creatures that are more shy and do not come to the surface often, especially with boats around. The blue, salty ocean is home to so many creatures, some that we are not even aware of or have ever seen. Aside from the ocean, even the grassy fields that seemed to stretch farther than the eye could see, are habitats for many animals. There are dairy cows and beef cattle that roam and survive off the fresh green grass. Sheep are also neighbors of the cows, just on the other side of the perfectly fitted rock wall, they also roam the grass. There are so many habitats that we as humans just do not payattention to and we constantly destroy them according to our needs. In Ireland the animals have large spaces of grassy fields that they can roam free in. While driving down the windy roads of Ireland, we sometimes saw animals who had escaped from their pastures. We saw donkeys in the road, and cows that would come right up to the 

fence to say hello. Many species of birds live in areas on the water, and the Irish seem to leave their habitats alone, and let the birds be. We as humans always put our needs first, when we should be coexisting with animals instead of taking over, just like Ireland is trying to do.

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