Surrounded by Water

Water, crystal clear and blue, surrounded our journey through Ireland along the road side and islands. From ocean water to bottled water, the purity is “gorgeous.”  As I purchased my first water bottle, I read a label stating, “Keep refrigerated.  Use within 3 days” and nutrition facts expressing how many minerals were in the water.  After coming to Ireland, I think that making good use of water resources is extremely important, even if it’s offering tap water or having a fountain to refill instead of waste.

        In Cloughjordan, the water would turn off every ten seconds in the shower and faucet.  At first, I didn’t think I could do this and was frustrated.   Although, I pushed through and honestly learned so much about water and how important it is to this country.  In the Aran Islands, there was a water shortage, where the water shut off at 9pm and turned back on at 8:30am.  We learned this the hard way the first night, and had to try and find solutions for brushing our teeth without ANY water.  This was eye-opening to me because even though I had water in Cloughjordan, I really understood how much I rely on water on a day to day basis, and also how much I use of it.   It made me reconsider what would happen if a water shortage or drought occurred for a long period of time.  I think we all needed a slight reality check from the luxurious water supply we use in the states and recognize how to go without water at all.

        As for the beach water, it is crystal clear turquoise blue.  This was shocking to me because it looked as if it was Mediterranean water.  I believe the water is so beautiful here because pollution is not as extreme here as it is in many other places.  Also, caring for the environment helps care for the oceans and quality of the shoreline as well.  The land, air, and water are all clean therefore it has remained this way for a period of time.  Many people tell you to not drink the water in other countries, and I was nervous before coming here to drink the tap water.  This has changed so much since I’ve been here, and I believe the water is cleaner than it is in the U.S.  I loved knowing what went into my water bottle rather than just expecting water is good for you.  It is important to take care of our waterways to enable a positive lifestyle for the future.

Aran Islands

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