The power of energy was felt among each individual throughout our travels. Energetic to learn, and understand many aspects of the beautiful country of Ireland.  Conservation of energy has grown in Ireland, and energy was reciprocated in our feelings of energy in each place we traveled.  The wind blew in our hair as the wind turbines, a major energy source in Ireland, circled.  Wind is one of the fastest growing renewable resources.  Ireland strives to tackle the CO2 emissions to prevent climate change.  Peadar, a member of Cloghjordan’s Eco Village talked to us about climate change and how Ireland focuses on promoting wind energy to governments and find solutions for the Irish wind industry.  

Coal and other nonrenewable sources are not good for the environment, and Ireland strives to stay away from these sources and focus on the renewable sources.  I really appreciated Ireland’s approach to conserve energy across the entire country.    Renewing energy and really focusing on the problem of conservation reflects how communities come together (or differ) on particular opinions. The Cloughjordan community has  solar panel powered streetlights, and no power lines were in sight.  As for all the hostels I’ve stayed at in Ireland, the plugs must be switched to “on” before use.  This conserves energy in a proper way instead of leaving plugs in the wall not in use. As we’ve talked about, the electricity supply board urges people to do their laundry in the evening when electricity supplies have less demand.  Using off peak electricity helps conserve energy more so than when the supplies are high.

Wind energy use in Ireland saved the country 200 million Euro in fossil fuels.  It also created jobs for people to work in energy sectors involving constructing turbines, testing them, and doing scientific research. Ireland’s approach to conserving energy, water, and using proper food resources sounds like a perfect environment.  Although many people may disagree, from being here for two weeks Ireland has made me reconsider everything I do at home to waste energy.  If the world had no energy, no one would be here.  Therefore, as humans it is our responsibility to appreciate and treat resources with consideration. Humans contribute to energy’s every move, and they can also destroy its every move if we don’t act as Ireland does with our resources and handle situations cautiously.

 I believe that just seeing the solar panels from the bus window has enabled me to think hard and consider how energy is produced and what can be done.  It is not a one person job, but as people come together to form opinions and help our resources, this may be beneficial for the United States as well.

Solar panel powered street light
Hanging clothes to dry versus dryer use
Wind Turbines

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