Life of Bliss

In the hierarchy of the food chain, humans are at the very top, above all else. Although the thought of an innocent animal being slaughtered is extremely depressing, that is simply how life works. Since we cannot entirely avoid this from happening, it is important to treat animals in a way that gives them the best possible life they could have– for example, at the Killary Sheep Farm in Ireland, the sheep are given the finest quality of life up until the day they die. We were able to see herds of sheep grazing in miles and miles of vast green pastures overlooking the fjord with a view worth millions. The animals here are given a life of bliss; an endless supply of food to keep them happy and healthy. Supposedly, if they die happy, both humans and animals are happy, right?

That is the common assumption in Ireland. Comparing this to the United States, I imagine that sheep are not living in such high quality conditions. More often than not, documentaries are made to reveal the grim truth behind the food industry in our country– conditions are unbearable. Animals are forced into small, tight spaces with a limited supply of food and water– from the second animals are placed into the industry to the second they die, they are living a life in complete and utter fear. Fear is precisely what the Killary Sheep Farm is attempting to avoid. Despite the fact that deep down I feel that it is not okay to raise animals purely for our own consumption, I have accepted that this practice is most likely never going to change. That being said, if we are to continue this practice of raising and killing animals for our own benefit, they at the very least are entitled to the best possible quality of life we have to offer.

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