Habitat: West Coast of Ireland

As soon as one steps foot into Ireland’s luscious and rich environment, the country’s habitat is breathtaking. The striking and beautiful sight of unique flowers and healthy environment provided for animals is impossible to ignore.


One of the most important aspects of Ireland’s habitat is how they treat their land animals. Animals such as cows, sheep, and pigs are often mistreated and abused prior to their brutal deaths in many parts of the world, but Ireland has a different approach to how they treat and handle their cattle before they are killed. They treat them well on the farm, make sure they are fed, are given fluids, and overall make sure that the animals do not sense fear before their death. For instance, the Killary Sheep Farm is a tourist attraction in the Republic of Ireland. When visiting the farm, people are able to see dozens of sheep up close and even get to feed the babies with a small bottle of milk. As soon as one arrives on the farm it is evident that the farm workers treat their animals with respect opposed to mistreating them in a brutal manner. I had a quick visit to the farm and was very pleased with how the sheep have so much land to frolic on. They let the sheep roam around in the greenery instead of putting them in tight, uncomfortable, and unsanitary areas. With that being said, the sheep are not fearful and or aware of their soon to be death which is more ethical than how other countries handle their animals.



Sheep trotting around the lush green grass at Killary Sheep Farm.


Ireland is also recognized for its pure and beautiful scenery, especially the extraordinary green grass and beautiful plants and flowers. In many parts of Ireland there are very bright and big light purple flowers that clump together in bushes. The contrast between the brightness of the flowers and the almost perfect green grass is incredible. Another well known flower in the country’s habitat are yellow wild flowers. There are multiple different kinds of yellow wild flowers including agrimony, a tall thicker flower, and gorse, which is mostly found in the west of Ireland. These flowers can be found in places such as the Aran islands, primarily near the water. These flowers are unique and get plenty of rain to survive and thrive. Lastly, plants are placed in a positive habitat that best provides food, water, the proper temperature, etc. The environment in which they live in is perfect for them and is one of the most beautiful aspects of Ireland’s outdoor habitat.




Yellow wildflowers located near the beach in Inis Oirr, Ireland.

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