Community: West Coast of Ireland

There’s nothing quite like Ireland and its strong sense of community everywhere you go. Whether you’re in a city, an Ecovillage, an Island, or a small town, one can always recognize how strong and close the community. People are far more friendly and supportive of each other compared to other countries such as the United States. In the states, people tend to be in a rush and only think of themselves, whereas the Irish community will gladly lend out a helping hand to help and guide others in their community. It is refreshing to know that the men and women of Ireland take a great deal of pride in supporting their community while continuing to value their traditions.

There are many different and diverse places in Ireland; some may be quiet and more secluded, while other places are busier, having more shops, pubs, and people. If one’s destination was the Ecovillage in Cloughjordan, they would expect a quiet, more reserved, and a more eco friendly community. They would encounter people in the community that focus on coming together to make changes to their environment in order to have a more sustainable lifestyle. They take pride in their home grown vegetables and home made brown bread, recycling, and saving water. This may not be for everyone, especially if one relies on wifi during the day and or having the desire to go to a plethora of different shops and pubs. This community is much different than many individuals are used to, but the sense of community is extremely uplifting. My peers and I got the chance to see people of the Cloughjordan community come together to make a beneficial difference in the way they live by preserving water and limiting the amount of energy they use. This was truly inspiring and shows how dedicated and supportive the men and women are of the cause.

There are also places in Ireland, such as Westport, that have an amazing sense of community but is very different from smaller places like Cloughjordan. This destination is a town on the edge of an Atlantic Inlet and is located on the west coast of Ireland. People who visit this destination experience multiple bars, hotels, and many shops with unique and colorful names. For example, one fascinating name for a book shop right in the middle of downtown that I personally saw is called “Westport’s Rarest Books.” These type of stores grab the attention of both visitors and locals, leading them to check out what the stores are about and how they may differ from other stores in different parts of Ireland. Also, the pub scene is one of the most important aspects of the town’s community. Whether it be one o’clock on a Tuesday or two am on a Friday, people grab a drink and relax with the people of their community. One may overhear groups discussing topics such as the weather, work, and especially sports. One may also notice that the community values face to face uninterrupted conversations, opposed to constantly glancing at their phone every few minutes during a conversation like most people from the states tend to do. This is important because it shows that the people of Westport value and support their community’s thoughts and opinions, especially in a more direct and personal way.

Downtown Westport, Ireland.

Overall, Ireland has wonderful communities all over the country that show support and respect toward one another. Ireland, unlike other places such as the United States, have a more calmer, refreshing, and slow paced lifestyle. They value what others have to say and have a great desire to keep it this way.

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